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 Emergency Response Plans at Your Fingertips 24/7


Campus Fire Safety and The Fire Code Academy has a excellent history of working with businessess and educational campuses to help prepare them for emergencies. Understanding todays digital enfironment, we have partnered up with some of the World's leaders in managing risk assessments and emergency management planning to offer this unique and award winning state of the art

 "Mobile Emergency Response Plan" (MERP).


MERP is a web-based platform allowing users to access, customize and revise their emergency response plans 24/7 by incorporating the newest ideas and the most up-to-date technology and features. MERP is accessed through smart phones, tablets, and PC's - saying "goodbye" to those costly and often outdated flip-cards and printed plans.


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Benefits to using the Mobile Emergency Response Plan (MERP)

  • Ability to upload important documents such as building maps & emergency utility shut off procedures.
  • Employees will have immediate access to the Mobile Emergency Response Plan via computer, tablet, smart phone and point of sale system.
  • No more manual updating and costly printing of emergency plans.
  • A Two Way Emergency Communication System notifying employees and managers of an emergency they can respond to in real time. [*This is an optional feature and may incur a per user fee]
  • Documents the situation and archives actions of the assigned staff or “Incident Commander” showing they followed the approved plan,  reducing the risks and liability for your organization.
  • Plans are cached on a user’s device so the plan is still available even if internet access is unavailable during the emergency.
  • Affordable and easy to implement.
  • Plans are available as an app on the user's device so the plan is still available even if internet access is unavailable during an emergency.

MERP for Educational Campuses

MERP allows you to take your emergency plans from the 3 ring binder or flip chart in the principal's or Campus Security office and put them in the classrooms accessible directly in the hands every faculty, staff (and possibly student) in your educational institution.

The plans are 100% editable 24/7 and will be customized to your educational system.

Meets every U.S Department of Education and Homeland Security standard, reduces risks & liability, and eliminates costly printing and updates.

Campus Safety Magazine has awarded their "BEST" honor for the development and implementation of this plan. 

MERP for Business

MERP allows you to take your corporate emergency plans and put them in the hands of every employee in yourcompany or organization. The plans are OSHA complaint, 100% editable and can be customized to your business or company. Updates to the plan are seamless and cost free. 

More about MERP

Imagine being able to make an update to your emergency response plan and instantly push it out to all employees and facilities with the touch of a button.

MERP comes pre-populated with an All-Hazards plan based on Best Practices and Homeland Security Recomendations from First Responders and Emergency Management Professionals.

MERP is designed to be a web based tool needed of an organization’s response to unplanned incidents and is accessed through smart phones, tablets, and PC's.

MERP holds the strategy for immediate response to an emergency, while serving as the guideline for the actions to be taken by staff in the critical first moments of an incident.

No More Outdated Printed Plans


Printed response plans are costly to design, print and are very often outdated shortly after being distributed. 



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